👍🏻 必睇 2017 Windows Hang 機自救3步驟


1) 如果 "開始" 不能按或無畫面, 鍵盤大寫燈還可以轉換
先按 WIN-X, 再按 U, 再按 U 一次. Windows 會進入關機模式.

2) 鍵盤無反應
按住開關制5秒. 主板會進入斷電模式.

3) 最後一招
台機: 關電源開關或拔電插.
手提電腦: 拿走電池.

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👍🏻 Must know 2017 Windows Shutdown Issues Solutions

3 ways to Shutdown Manually.

1) If "Start" cannot press or no screen, keyboard caps light can still toggle
Press WIN-X, then press U, and press U again. Windows will go to its shutdown process.

2) Keyboard Hangs
Press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds. It forces motherboard to Power Off.

3) Ultimate Tricks
For desktop, Turn off the power supply or the unplug the power outlet
For laptop, Pull out the battery

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